Kevin Garnett: “Some Things are Forever, Man”

In honor of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett’s return to Boston today, I threw up a few of my favorite links here:

Red’s Army had a nice photo collage of Garnett and Pierce:


* * *

Great piece on Kevin Garnett from the Times.

* * *

Kevin Garnett’s Career Highlights as a Celtic:

* * *

“It’s my preference, I will retire a Celtic and be buried in green and that’s where it stands.”

* * *

Red’s Army has a great slide show of Pierce and Garnett here:

* * *

Amos Barshad of Grantland had a funny, yet touching note to Pierce and Garnett here:


Robert Mays of Grantland broke down the trade for both teams here:

* * *

Kevin Garnett’s Top 10 Plays as a Celtic:

* * *

Red’s Army did an excellent job compiling the links leading up to tonight’s game here:


“Some things are forever, man.”

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