Paul Pierce: The Day The Truth Hits Home 1/26/14

In honor of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett’s return to Boston today, I threw up a few of my favorite links here:


Red’s Army had a nice photo collage of Garnett and Pierce:

* * *

I love this.  A compilation of Paul Pierce’s offensive highlights:

* * *

And then there’s Paul Pierce: Beyond the Glory:

* * *

Paul Pierce is my favorite Celtics since Larry Bird and I thought Bill Simmons did a great job summarizing his career as a Celtic both here and in his Book of Basketball.

* * *

Here’s Paul Pierce speaking at U-Mass Boston last year:

* * *

How about Paul Pierce’s “Top 10 Clutch Plays”?

* * *

Jeff Clark did a nice tribute for CelticsBlog.  Check out:

* * *

Josh Zavadil had a nice tribute as well, I think summing up what most of us were thinking:

“Goodbye, Paul and Kevin.

Thank you for everything.”

* * * *

Christopher L. Gasper likened the trade with Brooklyn to pulling a Band-Aid off and mentioned the words we’d heard for a couple years, that, “the Celtics got six years out of a three-year plan.”


* * *

Jackie McMullan of ESPN sat down with Pierce and Garnett to discuss the trade:

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

* * *

I really love this one.  Great soundtrack and nice selection.

* * *

I love the way Red’s Army put this:

“But this is what life is all about. When things don’t go the way they’re suppose to, we’re supposed to roll with it. Sure, we’ll make mistakes along the way, but if we learn from those, we’ll grow. Some day, we might have to make some sacrifices, but it will be ok, because we know they’ll be worth it. And finally, with our heads clear and a confidence that life’s lessons will carry us through the rough patches, we’ll get to where we need to be.

That, to me, is the story of Paul Pierce in Boston. Beyond the elbow jumpers that will forever be etched in our brains. Beyond the clutch buzzer beaters. Beyond beautifully choreographed footwork that managed to get him from point A to point B in ways that we still can’t comprehend; this is what his story is.

It is the story of a man who wasn’t supposed to be here, at least not this long. It’s about an L.A. kid becoming the purely Boston embodiment of hard work and, ultimately, the sweet vindication of that effort. It’s about a man who learned hard lessons along the way, and, in the end, became the one thing he was always supposed to be.

A Boston Celtics legend.”

* * *

Perhaps the best tribute to Pierce’s time in Boston came from the man himself as he took to Instagram to thank Boston for his years here:

* * *

Top 10 Plays as a Celtic? (6/29/13

* * *

Red’s Army has a great slide show of Pierce and Garnett here:

* * *

Amos Barshad of Grantland had a funny, yet touching note to Pierce and Garnett here:


Robert Mays of Grantland broke down the trade for both teams here:

* * *

Paul Pierce’s Career Highlights, thus far:

* * *

Red’s Army did an excellent job compiling the links leading up to tonight’s game here:


“Some things are forever, man.”

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