“since 2000, rents [in Boston] have grown about twice as fast as wages”

Anyone else remember that one time everyone you knew got priced out of Boston?

Boston’s median rent last month was $2,149, compared to the national median, which was up 
3.3 percent to $1,350, according to the research branch of Zillow, the real estate and rental market website.

“It’s a crisis,” said Kathy Brown of the Boston Tenant Coalition. “Think about how many living-wage — let alone minimum-wage — workers it would take to pay $2,149 a month, especially if you factor in all your other bills. This is why we’ve seen so many people getting pushed out of Jamaica Plain and across the city.”

Renting is often considered a stepping stone to home ownership, but since 2000, rents have grown about twice as fast as wages, leaving many renters further and further away from their goal of saving enough for a down payment on a house in Boston, said Svenja Gudell, Zillow’s senior director of economic research.

via Boston area rental rate skyrockets | Boston Herald

If we were French, we’d be rioting in the streets. But we’re not, so we just pack up and move to Woburn.

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