Brian Grazer on Curiosity


Brian Grazer posted an excerpt from his new book up at Medium:

…does having all of human knowledge available in the palm of our hands make us more curious, or less curious?

When you read about the speed of bees flying, does that inspire you to learn more about the aerodynamics of bees — or does it do the opposite, does it satisfy you enough so you go back to Instagram?

It was Karl Marx who called religion “the opium of the masses.” He meant that religion was designed to provide enough answers that people stopped asking questions.

We need to be careful, individually, that the Internet doesn’t anesthetize us instead of inspire us.

There are two things you can’t find on the Internet — just like there were two things Robert Hooke couldn’t find in the Bible or in the decrees of King Charles I:

You can’t search for the answer to questions that haven’t been asked yet.

And you can’t Google a new idea.

Have you been anesthetized by the Internet? I know I have at times. I’m trying to be better about it. Now I’m looking for inspiration.

Grazer’s post is a nice reminder to remain curious.

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