What Does “Success” in America Look Like Anymore?

People are working longer hours for less pay. Job security has all but vanished. And the idea that if you work hard you’ll be rewarded seems to be a false narrative.

One thing seems clear: Almost everyone agrees that balancing opportunity and security on the one hand, and success at home and at work on the other, has grown more complex and confounding. “It’s hard to make money and have a home life,” said Bishop, the distribution-center manager. “When you make good money with a company, they more or less own you. Everyone’s walking on eggshells in case their job is going to fold and they’re going to lose it. With the job I’m in, our market’s up right now, so that’s a plus. But you just can’t have that safety net anymore.”

So what’s next?

Source: Heartland Monitor Poll Asks How the Definition of Success Has Changed for Most Americans – The Atlantic

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