“It isn’t that our beliefs have changed, it’s that the way we feel about people we disagree with has changed”

Some really interesting questions raised by Mark Manson in the post linked below:

So far in human history, technology has been our species’ savior. It’s been responsible for quantum leaps in productivity, infrastructure, medicine, and quality of life. Most people no longer toil away as peasants of feudal land, fewer people than ever are enslaved, there is more education and equal treatment for women, minorities, and the impoverished than at any other point in human history. And much of this can be owed to the surpluses and benefits provided by technological innovation.

Many people believe that technology will continue to liberate us and save us from the world’s problems. People like Mark Zuckerberg speak openly of the ideal of “connecting the world” as if the benefits of this idea are self-explanatory.

But what if technology is advancing beyond the point of our human capacity to leverage and benefit from it? What if dumping infinite information onto humanity, rather than enlightening it, just accentuates its worst instincts?

What if we just don’t have the psychological capacity to handle the new frontiers we’re breaching?

Source: Living In The Age of Outrage

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