Kevin Hoskins has over ten years of business leadership and management experience. As a booking agent & promoter, artist manager, and tour manager, he has negotiated, booked, advanced, and promoted over 3,500 concerts & events…and toured the country over a dozen times.

Hoskins grew up in Vermont. While studying Political Science and French at the University of Vermont, he discovered the vaults at his college radio station and fell in love with music. This led to setting up shows for touring bands that came through, handling publicity and radio promotion for a number of record labels and management companies, booking tours, and managing bands, as well as handling opening gala logistics for MASS MoCA.

After moving to Boston, Hoskins started tour managing, basically handling the business for artists on the road: advancing show details with promoters, coordinating tour logistics, and taking care of show settlements and tour expenses, as well as keeping the artists happy and safe.

During breaks from touring, he managed an office for a booking agency during the day – processing contracts and advancing tours – while handling hospitality for the musicians playing The Middle East at night.

Located in the heart of Cambridge, MA, The Middle East features four rooms of music (and three restaurant spaces) and is one of the only remaining independent venues in the Boston area. Hoskins worked to make The Middle East a second home for both local and touring bands, a cultural hub, and an economic driver for the neighborhood.

Responsible for all of the concerts and events from start to finish, he served as the main point of contact for artists’ representatives (including booking agents, managers, labels, and publicists), as well as bands, independent promoters, press, and sponsors. He negotiated offers, confirmed deals, and signed contracts for the venue. He also developed a marketing plan for the venue, promoted its concerts and events, developed partnerships and sponsorships with a variety of partners, and kept this large ship running on course.


  •     Booked 500+ shows a year, averaging over 150,000 tickets a year
  •     Demonstrated a yearly increase in the number of concerts, as well as revenue
  •     Won awards for Best Rock Venue, Best Hip-Hop Venue, and Best Mid-Sized Music Venue

In 2009, Hoskins created a series called Rock Shop (with Steve Theo of Pirate!) to increase camaraderie within the music community by hosting meet-ups, discussions, speakers, and films to benefit musicians and other music professionals.

In 2010, Hoskins moved to Austin, TX to book Emo’s, a 1,000 capacity concert venue (and its 300 capacity indoor club). Part of his work there included booking and coordinating logistics for 42 showcases over the course of 10 days during South by Southwest.

In 2011, Hoskins returned to Boston and booked shows as an independent promoter at venues in the Boston area and in 2012, he launched Boston Showlist, listing for concerts in the greater Boston area.

In 2013, he was hired as a consultant for The Middle East and Arts at the Armory. He developed a new business plan for the Armory, renewed relationships with agents, and found new partners for events. He also participated in the Central Square Business Association’s strategic planning process in order to improve the business environment of Central Square and consulted with music start-ups.

In 2014, he was recognized by the City of Cambridge:

Kevin’s work has helped to establish and maintain The Middle East as a premier music venue in Cambridge and fostered the artistic spirit of Central Square…helping to make Central Square a thriving Cultural District.

In 2014, Hoskins was invited to teach artist management at Bay State College and the following semester, venue management. He developed a course that combined in-class interviews, featuring music business professionals, with site visits taking students to venues all over the city – from the intimate O’Brien’s up to the 2,500 capacity House of Blues.

In 2015, Hoskins launched Authentic Sounds, a music website. In 2016, he co-created a sold-out music festival called Title Town and has recently been out on the road tour managing  L.A. Witch, Torres, and White Hinterland.

His passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability led him to The Sustainable Innovation MBA program at UVM in 2017. He is currently consulting with CARE Enterprises to develop the impact metrics and targets for a new impact investment fund which aims to create transformative economic opportunity and dignified employment.

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