Growing up in Vermont, I learned to appreciate community, resilience, and a willingness to help your neighbor. I was lucky; my parents instilled in me a love for learning and the value of a good day’s work.

My work has primarily been in management and leadership roles in the music business. While I tried on a few different hats in my early days (writing, publicity, promotion, booking, touring, management), the second stage was seeing how the pieces fit together.

Along the way, I learned a few core concepts:

  • First, in order to understand the big picture, learn the system by understanding its parts.
  • Relationships matter, teamwork too; really, this is all about people.
  • We can do better than “that’s how it’s always been done”

Business as usual is clearly not working.; we need to shift our focus towards creating real value. The social, environmental, and economic improvements we need require innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. That’s the sweet spot where my experience, passion, and expertise intersect…but, like the beginning to any great story, that’s also where you come in.

How do we work together for a future that is compassionate, inclusive, and sustainable? Today’s problems aren’t going to be solved with yesterday’s approaches. We need new solutions; solutions that require systems thinking, creative in their approach and future-oriented by design. Let’s begin.