TITLETOWN with Big D and the Kids Table, Westbound Train, Have Nots, and more…


Friday, April 15, 2016
The Middle East Upstairs

Westbound Train
Have Nots
Nick & The Adversaries

18+ $13adv/$15dos
8pm Doors
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Saturday, April 16, 2016
The Middle East Downstairs

Big D & The Kids Table
Doped Up Dollies
The Far East
The Pomps

18+ $15adv/$18dos
NOTE: 7pm Doors
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The Need for Affordable Space


As I previously mentioned, I had the honor of hosting Dan Shea and Sam Potrykus of BRAIN Arts Boston Hassle / Boston Compass in my class on Monday.

In addition to talking about unconventional venues for shows and the landscape of music venues in Boston, we also discussed an editorial that Dan recently published on Boston Hassle calling for Boston mayor Marty Walsh and his new Chief of Arts and Culture, Julie Burros to facilitate the creation of:

  • Affordable small to mid-size performance spaces for housing social artistic experiences. Such spaces serve many kinds of artists, offering space in which to perform and hone their craft before an audience.
  • More affordable living space for working artists of all kinds: sculptors, musicians, filmmakers, painters, writers, visual artists, etc. Lower rents = more time spent creating art.
  • Affordable work/ practice space for artists. Artists need private space to work on their craft. Lower work/ practice space rent = more time spent creating art.

As of Monday, Dan hadn’t received much in the way of a response from the Walsh administration, but I still think it’s important that they are bringing up these issues.

Boston’s rent crisis has already driven most of the musicians I know out of the city. Affordable practice spaces are hard to come by.

If development in Boston is not paired with affordable housing, Boston’s going to be left with the city it deserves: gentrified, but sterile…and fit only for the 1%.

These are issues that are not unique to Boston. As cities grow and developers plan, we must to be mindful of the need for space for artists of all kinds. The vitality of our cities depends on it.


  • Did the working class / artistic community already lose the fight?
  • Are our cities already gone?
  • Or is there still hope?

What do you think?

“since 2000, rents [in Boston] have grown about twice as fast as wages”

Anyone else remember that one time everyone you knew got priced out of Boston?

Boston’s median rent last month was $2,149, compared to the national median, which was up 
3.3 percent to $1,350, according to the research branch of Zillow, the real estate and rental market website.

“It’s a crisis,” said Kathy Brown of the Boston Tenant Coalition. “Think about how many living-wage — let alone minimum-wage — workers it would take to pay $2,149 a month, especially if you factor in all your other bills. This is why we’ve seen so many people getting pushed out of Jamaica Plain and across the city.”

Renting is often considered a stepping stone to home ownership, but since 2000, rents have grown about twice as fast as wages, leaving many renters further and further away from their goal of saving enough for a down payment on a house in Boston, said Svenja Gudell, Zillow’s senior director of economic research.

via Boston area rental rate skyrockets | Boston Herald

If we were French, we’d be rioting in the streets. But we’re not, so we just pack up and move to Woburn.

My 20 Favorite Songs of 2013

1. THE BRONX – “Style Over Everything”

2. SLAINE – “Nothin’ But Business”

3. DIRECT HIT! – “The World is Ending (No One Cares)”

4. TWO COW GARAGE – “Stars and Gutters”

5. ASHLEY MONROE – “Weed Instead of Roses”

6. JASON ISBELL – “Elephant”

7. STEVE EARLE – “Burning It Down”


9. MATT POND – “Love to Get Used”

10. AIRBOURNE – “Animalize”

11. THE FLATLINERS – “Drown in Blood”

12. THE FRATELLIS – “Halloween Blues”

13. FRIGHTENED RABBIT – “The Woodpile”


15. BLACK JOE LEWIS – “Come to My Party”

16. THE WEEKS – “Brother in the Night”

17. FRANK TURNER – “Plain Sailing Weather”

18. LUCERO – “Texas and Tennessee”

19. WILLY MOON – “Railroad Track”

20. WAXAHATCHEE – “Peace and Quiet”