“If you want to change the world, start by folding your laundry” – Jessica Hagy

The case for optimism:

Poverty is declining around the world. We have the technology to save the planet. People are mostly good. You’re still breathing. All is not lost because we are still here, and still trying, and the arc of history is getting bent toward better. Tomorrow is raw potential. Remember that.

Source: How To Train These Six Senses Of Happiness

“America will be saved…Just wait. It will be awesome”

From a reader of The Atlantic:

But America will be saved, and it will be by the generation just now coming of age. They are the best generation we have ever raised. Lacking any hidden prejudices, open to all ideas, embracing technology and genuinely caring for their friends, the environment, the poor, and other societies. In ten years or so they will start having a significant impact. We can muddle along till then. I raised three of these kids and I know them and their friends. They are connected and honest like no generation America has seen. Just wait. It will be awesome.

Source: Everything Is (Almost) Awesome – The Atlantic