“while closing the gate can ensure stability and the status quo (for now), it rarely leads to growth”

Some great questions to ponder for your organization or business:

  • Do outsiders get the benefit of the doubt?
  • Do we make it easy for outsiders to become insiders?
  • Is there a clear and well-lit path to do so?
  • When we tell someone new, “that not how we do things around here,” do we also encourage them to learn the other way and to try again?
  • Are we even capable of explaining the status quo, or is the way we do things set merely because we forgot that we could do it better?
  • Is a day without emotional or organizational growth a good day?

Source: Seth’s Blog: Closing the gate

“We don’t need to be in our silos fighting for justice”

Some interesting lessons and reminders about

  • managing quick growth
  • investing in your community
  • taking the long view

from the Black Lives Matter movement in this Fast Company article.

“Our leadership is the people on the ground,” Tometi says. “We looked back at our history books and looked to our elders who shared with us lessons about what happens to organizations when all the decisions are made by one or two or three people. If something happens to them, the organization is defunct.”